New KNUST Admission Requirements For Applicants


Are you planning to apply to Kwame KNUST? Learn about the New KNUST admission requirements before you apply.

KNUST admission requirements are standards that the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology has set for you to meet before they will consider your application. Without meeting these standards, your KNUST application will not be accepted.

If you are interested in studying at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, then you must read about the requirements before you start filing your application. It is very important to know what the university requires of you and meet them before you submit your application.

Earlier I wrote a few articles about the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. Some of those articles include the New KNUST cut off points and how to use the KNUST application portal. All these articles are there to guide you to achieve your dream of getting admission to attend KNUST.

In this new article, we shall take a brief look at the KNUST admission requirements. Use the table of content below to navigate your way through the contents. Click on any of the headings to jump to the particular article.

KNUST admission requirements

There are many different requirements that you must meet before the university will accept you. There are generally minimum requirements and there are program specific requirements that you must meet. I will try as much as possible to explain some of them to you here so you can prepare well before filing your KNUST application.

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Undergraduate Minimum General Requirements

WASSCE/ SSSCE applicants
The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology requires WASSCE or SSSCE applicants to be at least 25 years at the time of application. The applicant must get at least Credit passes in three of the core WASSCE/ SSSCE subjects; English Language, Mathematics, and Integrated Science specifically. At least three more Credits in three of your elective subjects which will be six Credit passes in six subjects. Each Credit pass score point is 4 which will make a total of 24 points for six credit passes. That is the minimum KNUST cut off point.

The Core English Language, Mathematics, and Integrated Science prerequisite for all the programs at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.

For other Certification applications, check the KNUST brochure PDF file to see the minimum requirements.

You must also understand that even though the above information is meant to make you aware of the minimum requirements, it is not the minimum requirement for all KNUST programs. Each program has its minimum requirement so kindly check the KNUST brochure PDF file to see the specific program requirements so you can prepare accordingly.


GCE applicants

GCE applicants with an ‘O’ Level must have at least 5 Credit passes in five subjects or equivalent qualifications not leaving out English Language and Mathematics.

Applicants with ‘A’ Level or equivalent qualification must also have Credit passes in three subjects or equivalent from Chemistry, Physics or Mathematics, and Biology or Agricultural Science.

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These are the general KNUST admission requirements for GCE applicants. If you want to apply, make sure you meet these requirements.

Mature students

The mature entrance KNUST admission requirements are quite different since you have to be at a certain age to apply. The very first qualification requires that you pass 25 years of age.

Apart from the age requirements, you must also have at least two years of post-qualification experience.

You must also have a Diploma or Higher National Diploma from a well-known institution to be able to qualify for this form of entry.

This is simply a recap of the KNUST admission requirements. Make sure you read the KNUST brochure pdf file to find more information about the application requirements.

KNUST admission requirements FAQs

If you have any questions about this particular topic, you can leave a comment below. I will reply as early as possible.

What are the entry requirements of KNUST?

The entry requirements depend on which type of entry you want to use. If you are using the SSSCE/WASSCE certification entry, then you are required to have at least three credit passes in three core subjects (Mathematics, English Language, and Integrated Science) and three more credit passes in your selected subjects. In all, you must have a total of six credit passes to gain entry to KNUST.

What is the cut off points for KNUST?

The KNUST Cut off points vary depending on what you want to study and which qualification you want to enter the university with.
If you are applying with a WASSCE certification, you should be expecting 36 to be the cut off point and if you are using SSSCE certification, 24 should be your cut off point. Anything below that might not work well.

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