KNUST Course Registration Process

KNUST Grading System – The Best Way You Must Calculate Your CWA


The KNUST grading system is very comprehensive and easy to understand. Whether you are an old or a new student, it is very important to know how the university calculates your grades.

In this article, we will be looking at the KNUST grading system and the best way you must calculate your Cumulative Weighted Average.

KNUST Grading System

One of the major things to note about universities is the fact that they each have their own system of grading students and the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology is no exception. The University uses what is known as the Cumulative Weighted Average (CWA) system for grading its students.

This system of grading students is nothing like WAEC or WASSSCE gradings we are used to.

The KNUST system uses 70% academic performance and 30% other area performances including assignments, projects, researches, etc.

The academic performances starts from registering your courses. Students can register from three to

Course NoCredit hourScoreCumulative Weighted Mark (CWM)
Csc 15123468
Csc 153267134
Csc 15624794
Csc 159374222
Csc 162255110
Csc 165370210
Csc 168289178
Csc 171267134
Csc 174271142
Total: 201292

   In the example above, a student register for 9 courses with total of 20 credit hour. To get a Cumulative Weighted Mark, we must multiply each of the course unit (credit hour) with the corresponding score.

So CWM=Credit hour X Score. To find the Cumulative Weighted Average whichis the main goal, we will have to sum up all the CWM and divide it by the total credit hour.

In the example above, the total CWM is 1292 and total credit hour is 20. To find CWA, we will divide 1292 by 20 which will give us 64.6. So therefore the CWA achieved by this particular student is 64.6.

What to know about KNUST Grading system

Below is a table of the actually programme grading markup.

First-class70 and above
Second class-upper69.99 – 60.00
Second class-upper59.00 -50.00
Third class49.00 40.00

In the earlier example, the student had CWA of 64.6 which is Second Class-upper.

Most students get their first grade during the first semester of their course. That is because as you progress, it is likely the academics get tougher and some behaviours are also likely to affect your grades.