UCC Admission List – Print Your Admission Letter Now


Looking for the quickest way to secure your spot on the UCC admission list? Print your admission letter now and get one step closer to your dream of studying at the University of Cape Coast!

The UCC admission list shows the students admitted to the University of Cape Coast for a particular academic year. The portal gives the freshers the opportunity to search for their names and print their admission letters.

For some time now, I have written a number of articles about the University of Cape Coast (UCC). Some of the articles include UCC Student Portal Login Procedure.

In this short but informative article, we will be looking at how to open the admission list and print your admission letter in the shortest time possible. If you have sent your application to the University of Cape Coast earlier, then it is important that you take note of this essential information.

UCC admission list

The University of Cape Coast (UCC) is one of the most prestigious tertiary institutions in Ghana, attracting thousands of students every year. If you have been admitted to UCC, congratulations on this significant milestone in your academic journey! However, you might be wondering what to do next to secure your spot at the institution.

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One crucial step in this process is printing your admission letter. Your admission letter serves as proof that you have been admitted to the university, and it is a requirement for registration. In the past, getting your admission letter could be a tedious process that required you to visit the university physically. However, thanks to technological advancements, you can now print your UCC admission letter in just two minutes from the comfort of your home or anywhere with internet access.

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How to print your UCC admission list

The UCC admission list for the particular academic year only opens after all the applications have been processed by the university. If the new UCC applications have not been processed, then the portal is likely to show the list for the previous academic year.

UCC Admission List

look at the screenshot of the UCC admission list portal above. It shows the list for the previous academic year.

To access it, simply visit; admissionlist.ucc.edu.gh.

You can search for your letter by First Name, Surname, or Programme. Note that your search will bring out all the names of people who bear the same name as you so you will have to look through it to print your admission letter.

To make it easier for you to search, use a combination of First Name, Surname, and Programme to search for your letter.

You must also note that you will need your application registration number in order to be able to print your letter. If you have not received your UCC application registration number by phone, you can use the UCC registration number finder to find your registration number.

How to find your application registration number

To find your UCC application registration number, you must know the phone number you used on your application form as well as your reference number.

Visit the registration number finder.

Enter your details as requested by the system and submit. You should be able to get your registration number after submitting your details.


If you have a question that has not been answered in this section, kindly leave it in the comment box and I will reply as early as possible. Below are some of the questions people frequently ask about this topic.

What do I need to print my UCC admission letter?

To print your UCC admission letter, you need your application reference number and the pin you received after making your admission fee payment.

Can I print my UCC admission letter from anywhere?

Yes, you can print your UCC admission letter from anywhere with internet access, as long as you have your application reference number and payment pin.

When is the deadline to print UCC admission letters?

The deadline to print UCC admission letters may vary depending on the specific admission cycle. It is important to check the UCC website for the latest information and updates.