About DeGhraspa

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DeGhraspa is a Ghanaian singer and songwriter. He does not write only songs but books, news, research journals, tutorials, and other personal opinion posts.

DeGhraspa is a promising artist currently finding his way into the dancehall space.

For personal reasons, DeGhraspa masks his identity with a branded mask to prevent the public from knowing his real-life identity.

Most people do not understand his way of life. But he is one of the most free-spirited people to ever step foot into the Ghana music industry.

Management Team

DeGhraspa is currently managed by Rio Supplanter King. At the time of this description, work has not fully started yet. But everything has been planned out. If work starts, there will be more members added to the management team.

Record Label

Heat Waves Recordz is the label. Not a fully blown record label yet. With only the artist being the first and only artist signed to the label, the manager “Rio Supplanter King” and all the other members on board are trying their best to find the label’s space in the Ghana music industry.

Social Media

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