UCC Graduation List Released For 2022

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UCC graduation list shows the number and names of students graduating from the University of Cape Coast. The list is compiled and released by the management of the university every year to help the students know who is graduating and who is not.

Probably by looking at the list, one can be assured of successful graduation or if there is something one must do before graduation, the student can easily finish up.

Let us take a look at the University of Cape Coast graduation lists and how to access them.

UCC graduation list.

The University of Cape Coast graduation list comes in different types. There is the main list which covers all the students graduating from the entire university. There is a faculty or institute graduation list that covers only the students graduating from the particular faculty or institute.


There are different types of the University of Cape Coast graduation list so you must take note and take a look at them carefully.

UCC main graduation list 2022
Access the University of Cape Coast’s main graduation list by visiting the link. With this list, you only have to enter your registration number and click on the “Apply” button and it will bring all your information. That is the easiest way. You can also scroll to your degree and look through the names of the people offering the same degree to find your name. Just know that it won’t be easy that way.

Institute of Education graduation list
The Institute of Education, University of Cape Coast also has a separate list which you can view instead of using the main list. With the Institute of Education list, you must visit the list using this link.
It is easier to find what you are looking for on the Institute of Education list compared to the main list. This is because there are more filters to use to sort the list out.
You can sort by name, programme, class and colleges of education. This makes it easier for you to find your name on the list.

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