Best UCC Graduation List Update – Is Your Name on the List?


Don’t miss out on the excitement of graduation day! Check the latest UCC graduation list update and see if your name made the cut. It only takes a few seconds to check, so why wait? Your future is waiting for you!

UCC graduation list shows the number and names of students graduating from the University of Cape Coast. The list is compiled and released by the management of the university every year to help the students know who is graduating and who is not.

Probably by looking at the list, one can be assured of successful graduation or if there is something one must do before graduation, the student can easily finish up.

If you have been following this blog, you will realize I have been writing a lot of articles about the University of Cape Coast (UCC). This is one of those articles that help you get all the information you need. This time around, it is all about the UCC Graduation List.

Let us take a look at the University of Cape Coast graduation lists and how to access them.

UCC graduation list.

The University of Cape Coast (UCC) has released its graduation list for the academic year, and the excitement is palpable among the graduating class. The graduation ceremony, which is scheduled for later this month, will see hundreds of students receive their degrees and diplomas in various disciplines.

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UCC’s release of the graduation list has been long-awaited by the students, who have spent years working hard towards their academic goals. For many, this moment marks the culmination of their efforts and the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. The UCC graduation ceremony is a significant milestone in the academic calendar, and it is a momentous occasion for all those involved.

This list includes students who have completed their undergraduate and graduate programs in various faculties, including education, social sciences, business, and science. The graduating class is a diverse group of students, hailing from different parts of the country and beyond. The list also includes international students who have completed their studies at the university.

Where to get the list

The University of Cape Coast graduation list comes in different types. There is the main list which covers all the students graduating from the entire university. There is a faculty or institute graduation list that covers only the students graduating from the particular faculty or institute.

There are different types of the UCC graduation list so you must take note and take a look at them carefully.

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UCC’s main graduation list for this year

To access the University of Cape Coast’s main graduation list, simply visit the provided link. Using this list is the easiest way to locate your information – all you need to do is enter your registration number and click on the “Apply” button, and your information will appear.

Alternatively, you can manually search through the list by scrolling to the degree program and scanning the names to find yours. However, this method can be time-consuming and challenging.

It is important to note that the main graduation list may be extensive and may take some time to navigate. To ensure that you locate your name, it is recommended to use the search function and enter your registration number to narrow down the list.

By following these steps, you can easily access and navigate the University of Cape Coast’s main graduation list to locate your name and celebrate your academic achievements.

Institute of Education graduation list

The University of Cape Coast’s Institute of Education has a separate graduation list that is now available for students who have completed their academic programs. This list is designed to make it easier for students to find their names without having to search through the main list, which can be quite extensive.

To access the Institute of Education graduation list, students need to use a dedicated link. This dedicated link will lead students directly to the Institute of Education list, which is designed to provide a more streamlined and efficient process for students to search for their names.

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The Institute of Education list offers more filters compared to the main list, which can make it easier for students to locate their names. With filters such as name, program, class, and college of education, students can narrow down their search and find their names quickly.

Furthermore, the Institute of Education list provides an additional layer of organization to the graduation process. This dedicated list recognizes the unique academic programs and requirements of students who have studied at the Institute of Education. By offering a separate list, the university can ensure that students who have completed their studies in the Institute of Education are recognized and celebrated appropriately.

You can view the Institute of Education list by using this link.


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What should I do if my name is not on the graduation list?

If your name is not on the graduation list and you believe it should be, you should contact the UCC registrar’s office to inquire about the status of your graduation and to ensure that your name is added to the list.

How can I access the graduation list?

The graduation list is typically made available on the UCC website. The link to access the graduation list has been provided in the article above.